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Real Time Space Weather measurements, in English, from the Finnish Meteorological Institute:


Elad FDM-S2 + new MS-S7 remotely operable antenna switch under testing
+ T2FD 40 m + new longwire 60 m + new longwire 650 m + new Double KAZ 40 m under testing

2021 Double KAZ Project pictures are here: 

2021 Longwires under testing are pictured here:


Sunday 2021-10-24

Constant static crashes from central Mediterranean, Sicily, unsettled ionosphere 18.30 UTC onwards,  G1 storm peak at 20 UTC

6285      15.27 R. Monique, S6-8, Cats - One Way Wind, Association - Never my Love,
               dedicated to Terry of USA: Association - No Fair at All, greez to Panda,
               Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls, id, email, Patrick Hernandez - Born to be Alive
6340      15.52 pres. R. Joey, S3-6, Mungo Jerry - In the Summertime, Himmebett-polka, more
               polkas, 16.01: George McCrae - Rock your Baby, Roland Kaiser - Santa
               Maria, 16.15: Siw Malmkvist - Liebeskummer lohnt sich nicht mein Darling,
               16.36: Cyndi Lauper - Girls just want to have Fun, Percy Sledge - When a
               Man Loves a Woman
6276      16.09 R. Sofa King, S5-8, tracks of panflute mx, id 16.14, panflute version of "How
               deep is your Love", 16.23: "On SW you're listening to your free and
               independent music station - this is Radio Sofa King", tracks of panflute mx,
               16.31: several id-jingles, email, e.g. "We are the first station on the globe
               sleeping during broadcast", 16.34: jingle, email, more panflute classical mx,
               16.42: panflute version of "Woman in Love"
1625      19.21 Sapporo, S5-7, QSO Bizon, Turfsteker, de Klap, id 20.24, Heintje song, cd 20.24
1625      19.25 Bizon, s/on, S8-S9+5, Raymond Froggatt - Callow la vita, 19.28 id, QSO
               Sapporo, Turfsteker, Heintje - Two little Stars, 19.46: Tremeloes - Here comes
               my Baby, greez, Cats - One Way Wind, id 19.52, thanking Jonge Boer and
               others for reports, cd-ann., cd 19.55
1638      19.36 Barones, S8-S9+5, greez, Kiss - Every Time I look at You, 19.55: Flock Of
               Seagulls - I Ran, 19.59: "Testing, hello, je sind verbonden met de oude Baro",
               20.45: "The station that has the power to knock your socks off - this is Radio
               Barones, live from the Netherlands", Hot Butter - Popcorn
1647      19.39 Witte Tornado, S6-8, greez to Valencia and others, id, phone number
1629      20.06 Bluebird, S9-S9+10, Dutch version of "Then I kissed Her", "Schön ist die
               Jugendzeit sie kommt nicht mehr"-waltz, 20.10: id, greez, "Rozen die bloeien
               voor jou en voor mij"-wals

Saturday 2021-10-23

6380      16.53 pres. R. 319, S6-8, Travis - Why does it always rain on Me, 16.58: Radio Beacon
               jingle, 16.59: R. Northsea and Beacon R. jingles, Bobby Fuller Four - I fought the Law
6284      17.07 pres. R. Joey, S4-7, tracks of techno disco
6270      17.12 unid, S3-5, covered by ute on freq, mx
3940      17.15 pres. Pirate Radio Free Waves Bay, S9-S9+10, Russian talking, 17.16: El
               Pasador - Amada Mia Amore Mio
1620      17.21 Pacman, S5-8, other Dutch on freq playing instr. waltz and polka, "A record
               that Pacman likes very much", those being tracks of rock, 17.25: Pacman's
               hosting, talking about Radio Sylvania, 17.26: "This is Radio Pacman, please
               send reports to", email
1630      17.28 Ros AM, S5-8, Greek 1629 occ. covering, "Ros AM Radio is now closing, send
               reports to", email, Dutch rock: "Uhuu..."
1665      17.34 Digital, S6-9, instr. big band mx, Dutch song, 17.38: greez to Martin, Ben of
               Haagsberg, id, Scott McKenzie - San Francisco
5140      17.45 Charleston R., S6-8, other carrier on freq, song: "Giddy up, We're homeward
               bound, Horsey Horsey on your Way"                                                                                                          

G-disturbance peaks at 19 and 20 UTC > signals in deep fading
1620      20.08 Pecon, S4-8, 1625 splashing, Dolly Parton ja Porter Wagoner - Holding on to
               Nothin’, Dutch songs, country mx, 20.57 id
1625      20.12 Blauwe Koe, S4-8, 1629 Dutch + Greek splashing, Kim Wilde - Kids in America,
               20.20: Blondie - Heart of Glass, Koto - Dragon's Legend, id 20.34
1629      20.13 Marskramer, S5-9, 1630 Greek, waltz song, id 20.19, offshore station tune
1640      20.15 unid, S3-7, Greek on freq, 1638 Dutch, Dutch songs, polkas, id 20.28 and 20.36
               in interference, cd 20.38
1656      20.16 Odynn R. Yogi R., S5-9, Spanish Coastal Service on freq, Classics - Yellow Sun of Ecuador,
               Cliff Richard - Lucky Lips, 20.32: Dexys Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen,
               20.37: Dire Straits - Tunnel of Love, CCR - Down on the Corner, Dolly Parton -
               Jolene, Donovan - Mellow Yellow, Doobie Brothers - Listen to the Music, 21.00:
               Duran Duran - The Wild Boys, id 21.07, Easybeats - Friday on my Mind                                                               real id from Achim:
1638      20.24 unid, S3-7, 1640 Dutch splashing, Dutch and German songs
1652      20.34 Moby Dick, S4-8, 1650 Greeks splashing, instr. polkas, id 20.59, greet to chat
1671      20.46 Viking, S3-7, march polka, id, greez to Vonkenboer and others
1614      21.10 Batavia, S4-8, other carrier on freq, offshore station tune, 21.12 "Good evening
               everybody, you're listening to Radio batavia", greez to Josef of Gronau, 21.14: email

Friday 2021-10-22

Static crashes from Spain, western Mediterranean, MW signals still in deep fading

6985      16.39 The Vault, S7-9, occ. ute 6984-87, "Now let's dig into The Vault", Nirvana -
               Smells like Teen Spirit, Kate Bush - Running up that Hill, id-jingle, Police -
               Message in a Bottle, "This is what we do best - you're on The Vault",
               Cranberries - Dreams, jingle, Leonard Cohen - Dance me to the End of Love
4865      17.00 Mystery 21, S8-S9+5, id and another one at 17.04
5140      17.07 Charleston R., S7-9, "This is CRI, we broadcast on 5140 kcs shortwave",
               17.11: "In the 30's the youth found a new toy - the radio"
1655      17.15 Belladonna, S5-8, 1658 wobbling carrier, Dutch dog barking song, march mx,
               instr. polka, Dutch country mx, "Kleine Olga"-waltz, tracks of Dutch country
               mx, 17.36: Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing, 18.53: Bobby Fuller Four - I fought
               the Law, 19.00: Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode, 19.04: Johnny Cash - Orange
               Blossom Special, id 19.20, greez, techno jungle 19.23, greez to Mondeo,
               instr. R&R, inst. "Riti rati"-polka, cd-ann. 19.26, march mx, cd 19.29
1629      17.27 Valencia, S4-6, "Dit is Valencia, tot volgende keer, goede avond", instr. waltz
1645      17.33 Marconist, S5-8, Dutch song, instr. mx, march mx, 17.38: "Goede avond, dit
               is de Marconist met een kleine test"
1620      18.40 Mondeo, S6-9, Greek on freq, other carrier 1622, "Dit is de Mini Mondeo uit
               Twente", CCR - Fortunate Son
1665      18.45 Vrolijke Mijnwerker, S6-9, Dutch polka, march mx, tracks of country mx, 19.02:
               Mungo Jerry - In the Summertime, 19.16: id, greez
1638      18.49 unid, S4-7, surrounded by other carriers, Dutch songs, 19.10: Moody Blues -
               Nights in white Satin, 19.35: "In de warme zon van Mallorca"-tango, covered
               by 1640 a Russian pirate
6270      19.40 unid, S3-5, ute 6270-6330, Greek mx, cd 19.41
3940      19.45 Batavia, S6-8, id-jingle, Van McCoy - The Hustle, Whitney Houston - I wanna
               dance with Somebody
1656      20.14 unid, S5-8, Spanish Coastal Service on freq, 20.20: "Goede avond, dit is de
               Radio XX", accordion polka, cd 20.21
1645      20.15 Yogi R., S6-9, greez to Misti, id, Boxcar Willie - Old Train Songs Medley, 20.27:
               John Fogerty - Rock and Roll Girls, 20.33: greez, Status Quo - Whatever You Want, S7-S9+5                           cd 20.37

Wednesday 2021-10-20

Static crashes from Denmark, Germany, mixed ionospheric conditions, coronal mass ejection with increased G-disturbances 18.30-19 UTC swiping off almost all signals on 48-76 and 180 meters

1647      19.03 Eigen Risico, S4-7, waltz songs, 19.11 OP whitling and singing the song, 19.17
               song: "De rode rozen geef ik jou lieve Anja", 19.25: "Adios adios"-waltz, 19.26: greez, id
1629      19.24 Bluebird, s/on, S6-9, Dutch song, Peter Orloff - Ein Mädchen für immer, waltz
               song, 19.34: instr. waltz cavalcade, Dutch songs, 19.50: greez, S8-S9+5
1440      19.57 R. 208, S6-9, no Saudi on freq, Procol Harum - A whiter Shade of Pale
6185      20.08 Piepzender,S3-S9+5, 6180 DWD splashing, "6185 - this is the Piepzender from
               the middle of the Netherlands", song: "Mamma mia van Napoli", 20.11: live id,
               email, song: Hulalai Hawaii"

Tuesday 2021-10-19

G1 storm peaks at 17.30-18.30 UTC > signals distorted, in fast fading and weakening

6295      16.03 unid, S6-8, ute 6285-95, classical violin concerto, next a flute concerto,
               cd 16.25, no id, ass. Parade (UK)
5140      16.26 Charleston R., S6-8
4870      17.04 Mystery 21, S8-S9+5, "This is your favorite station - this is Mystery 21", email
1645      18.25 Meteoor, S7-9, Abba - Honey Honey, "Fill my Glass with Burghart Beer"-polka,
               "My Susie"-waltz, instr. waltz, "Let's all dance the polka"-polka, 18.36 id, cd
1617      18.37 Marianne, S7-S9+5, Jim Reeves - Bimbo, Dutch songs, 18.44-45 transmission
               break, "Meine kleine Senorita aus Montevideo"-song, "The Girl in my Bundo
               all Night Long"-song, instr. polka, 18.54: greez to Witte Tornado + Lady and
               other stations, id, Dutch version of "A Thing called Love", 20.45: Zillertaler
               Schürzenjäger - Grüne Tannen, more German songs, e.g. 20.49: "Das schönste
               auf der Welt ist mein Tirolerland", 20.59: cd-ann., waltz song, cd 21.00, S7-S9+10
3940      19.30 Mike R., S7-S9+5, Spandau Ballet - True, Catapult - Let your Hair hang Down,
               Kim Wilde - Cambodia, Dutch rock, 19.41: "Mike Mike Mike Radio", Al Stewart -
               Year of the Cat, "Free and independent - that's Mike Radio", 19.55: email,
               Diesel - Sausalito Summer Nights, rock version of Beethoven- Symphony No. 5
               (The Destiny Symphony), c-minor op. 67 , "Mike Mike Mike Radio from the
               Netherlands", more rock versions of classical mx, cd 20.09                                                                    1628,7   21.03 Jeneverstoker, S4-7, wobbling carrier, id, 21.04: Dutch version of "Oh how I                                           wanna go Home"                                                                                                                                            1648      21.18 Pereboom, S5-8, "Dit is Pereboom, goede dag", "My beautiful Lady in Blue"-                                         waltz, Frank Yankovic - Who stole the Keeshka

Monday 2021-10-18

Increased geomagnetic disturbances 16.30 UTC onwards > MW signals in fading, G1 storm peak at 19.30 UTC > signals becoming also noisy and weak

7298      13.37 pres. Pirate Radio Free Waves Bay, S4-7, Russian hosting, id, cavalcade of R&R:
               "I need Money", "Shake It swing It", 13.42 several times: "Radio Pirata",
               talking about European pirates, Russian trepak songs
1640      16.28 B4, S5-9, instr. polka, Drafi Deutscher - So viel Glück müßte man haben,
               Leroy Pullins - I'm a Nut, 16.41: Billy Joel - Piano Man, Boney M - Going back
               West, 16.50: greez to Alex, Digital, "Dit is de B4", Blondie - One Way or Another
1611      16.55 Zorro, S4-7, 1602 R. Center splashing, a Bruce Springsteen song, next: "Schön
               ist die Jugendzeit"-waltz, id 17.03, "Helen Helen Helen"-polka
1620      16.58 Zwarte Bouvier, S5-8, id, greez to Alf, "In Heaven there is no Beer"-polka
5140      17.07 Charleston R., S4-7
3920      17.51 Mike R., S8-S9+5, Moody Blues - Tuesday Afternoon, Animals - We gotta get
               out of this Place, 18.01: Rolling Stones - House of the rising Sun, 18.05: "This is
               Mike Radio with the golden oldies", Ricky Valance - Tell Laura I love Her,
               Beach Boys - California Girls, rock versions of classical mx, id 18.14, cd 18.21
1645      18.23 Oldtimer, S4-8, Greek style song "Carina", waltz songs, instr. polkas, e.g. 18.38:
               "Denn nur bei dir will ich nicht einsam und allein sein"-polka, next song:
               "Träume der liebe sind so wunderbar", 18.46: "hello, hello", instr. polka,
               18.21 several id's in the noise, country songs "Hillybilly Rock", "Well Susie the
               Storm is over Now", 18.55: "hello", 18.59: Oscar Harris - Try a little Love,
               19.07: "Susie what a Girl"-polka, 19.14 song: "Harlecino", 19.25: "My beautiful
               Darkeye"-waltz, id 19.39, greez to Zwarte Hund and others
1620      19.23 Brugwachter, S5-8, Greek on freq, id, greez, instr. polkas, cd 19.25
1638      19.28 Morgenster, S4-7, other carrier 1640, Dutch songs, 19.32: greez, id
The Unids:
1655      18.44 unid, S3-7, 1660 Greek splashes covering, German waltz songs, polkas, 19.14:
               German version of "Cuckoo Waltz", next: "Du schenkst mir Gold"-polka, cd 19.22
1629      19.07 unid, s/on, S7-S9+10, "Won't You teach me how to do this Dance"-polka,
               instr. polka, Dutch songs, march mx, Dutch country mx: "Mein vater is een
               truck schafeur", 19.29: Marybell"-polka

Sunday 2021-10-17

6185      06.45 Piepzender, S6-8, , Captain Hollywood Project - Flying High, R&R, 6.49: id,
               greez, good reception wishes, 6.51 English id, Koto - Visitors
6020      06.57 Delta R., S6-8, "Good morning Europe, you're listening to The Big One - this is
               Radio Delta", Mavericks - Here Comes My Baby, "nice reception reported also
               from a west of Canada sdr", 7.03 dedicated to Kari of Finland: James Brown -
               It's a Man's Man's Man's World
5810      07.06 Piepzender, S5-7, Midnight Oil - Beds are Burning, 7.10: "6185 and 5810, this is
               Radio Piepzender", CCR - Fortunate Son, Proclaimers - 500 Miles
6130      09.08 Casanova, S5-7, greez to Martin, Rod Stewart - You're in my heart
6205      09.10 Ros AM, S4-6, "Dit is Ros AM Radio", 09.13 jingle: "Music-a-go-go", Free - All
               Right Now, 9.17 email
6100      09.18 Scotland R., S6-9, "This is Scotland Radio, one more record, then I'm closing
               down", Lynsey De Paul - Sugar Me, 9.23 "Good morning Europe, this was a
               transmission of RSI, from the northern part of the Netherlands", 9.24:
               "Greetings everybody, have a pleasant Sunday, see you", jingle: "This free
               radio station is now closing, hope to see you somewhere on the free
               airwaves" ..", cd 9.25
6285      09.37 NMD, S5-7, "From somewhere in the Netherlands, this is NMD Radio", Deep
               Purple - Black Night, Harry Chapin - Cats in the Cradle,9.41: "Good morning
               everybody, this is November Mike Delta, good morning everybody on the
               chat", greez to guys on chat                                                                                                                         

6275      13.16 Batavia, S5-7, Dutch rock, instr. big band rock, Ava Max - Kings & Queens,
               big band mx, 13.26: Peter Frampton - Show me the Way, 13.30: "This is
               Radio Batavia", email, Isley Brothers - Shout
6290      13.35 Fox 48, S2-5, ute 6275-6320 covering, tracks of rock, 13.42: Harry Chapin -
               Cats in the Cradle, Ram Jam - Black Betty, 13.53: Santana - Got your Spell
               on me Baby, Deep Purple - Black Night, Manfred Mann - Blinded by the
               Light, 14.07: "Thank you very much for listening to Radio Fox 48, we're
               closing for this afternoon", Steppenwolf - Born to be Wild, Bruce
               Springsteen - Born to Run, 14.14: German id, Hot Butter - Popcorn, cd 14.17
6321      13.44 unid, S3-5, ute 6275-6320, German song, 13.48: "This is Radio XX", id
               spelled out, email: xx @, cd 13.49                                                                                                 

Increasingly disturbed ionosphere 13 UTC onwards, G1 storm peaks at 15 and 16 UTC

5140      16.10 Charleston R., S4-6, song: "Was machst du mit dem Knie lieber Hans"
3940      16.25 pres. Pirate Radio Free Waves Bay, S9+5-S9+15, Russian talking about
1575      16.35 R. Komintern (RUS), S9, Pink Floyd - Money, overriden by VOA Thailand,
               1000 kW, audible again 16.43: Elvis - Can't help falling in Love, talking about
               радио один, song: "Turn your Radio On", again overriden, 16.51: Soul
               Asylum - Runaway Train                                                                                                                               

G1 storm peaks at 18.30-20.30 UTC > distorted and weakening signals, after 19.30 UTC practically only Greeks on MW, static crashes from Italy, central Mediterranean

1655     17.21 Belladonna, S3-8, Johnny Cash - Any old Wing that Blows, Stan Ridgway -
              Camouflage, song: "Regen Regen Regen ... Träumen Träumen Träumen ..",
              17.33-37: 1650 R. Nicola (GRC) splashes covering (in QSO with the Greeks), id 17.44
1645     17.37 Mondeo, S4-9, Millie Small - My Boy Lollipop, song: "Leven honderd jaar",
               polka songs, e.g. 17.45: "In Monte Carlo ...", "Leven verlaten .."-waltz, 17.52:
               "Goede avond, dit is Radio de X", 17.56: Dutch version of "Let me tell You
               about the Birds and the Bees" , 17.58: "Goede avond, dit is Mondeo uit
               Twente", song: "Stern von Lucona", Martin Lauer - Wenn ich ein Cowboy wär,
               another id at 18.06, greez to Mauritz and others, song: "Lieschen Lieschen
               Lieschen komm ein bisschen ...", Buddy Holly - Oh Boy
1621      18.55 Turftrekker, S4-7, Greek on freq covering, 18.58 id
1634      19.01 unid, S3-6, wobbling carrier, 1631 Russian splashes covering, 19.06: Freddy
               Quinn - Junge komm bald Wieder, Heino - Blau Blüht der Enzian
1670      19.14 unid, S4-7, German songs, 19.21: The Nits In The Dutch Mountains - I was born
               in the Valley of Bricks, rock, polka song
1620      20.21 Eigen Risico, S4-7, Greeks on freq occ. overriding, waltzes, polkas, 20.25: English
               recording about polkas, 20.28: "Luisteraars en amateurs, dit is Risico met een
               paar platjes"", greez to Alf and others, cd-ann., cd 20.29

Saturday 2021-10-16

Calm ionosphere, no static crashes, except a few strong ones from eastern Gulf of Finland

6330      06.40 R. Pirana Beacon, S5-7 CW
6225      15.52 R. Kilohertz, S5-7, "Hier ist Radio Kilohertz", Etherpiraten-song, "Testzendung,
               erste Mal on air", more pirate songs, 15.57: R&R-cavalcade: "Ready Teddy",
               Whole lotta Shaking going On", another id 15.59, 16.09: "Ein Testzendung auf
               die Piratenwelle, ich war so lange weg", 16.27: CCR - Hey Tonight, next:
               Monkees - I'm a Believer, cd 16.34
6275      16.12 pres. JT, S7-S9+5, ute 6275-6320, Dutch rock, 16.16: Tina Turner - Private
               Dancer, Norwegian waltz, Polish rock, 16.25: Hank Williams - You were on my
               lonely Mind, 16.36 song: "Maria Dolores", cd 16.39
6377      16.17 pres. R. 319, S5-8, other carrier 6378, "Playing your favorites - Radio Nova -
               weekend radio", tracks of rock, 16.28: Beacon Radio jingle, 16.32: Beacon R.
6210      16.34 pres. King SW, S4-7, tracks of rock, 16.40: Billy Joel - She's Always a Woman,
               16.43 carrier only, 16.44 cd
6270      16.47 unid, unassessable, ute on freq
5140      16.50 Charleston R., S4-7
1638      16.52 Ros AM, S5-8, greez to Columbia, Thin Lizzy - Dancing in the Moonlight, 16.56:
               thanking for reactions, cd 17.00
1630      16.54 unid, S2-7, other carrier 1631, Dutch songs, polkas, at 17.30: S6-9
1656      17.02 Sundown R., S2-7, Diesel - Sausalito Summer Nights, 17.09: Elton John -
               Crocodile Rock, 17.13: "Feel free to send reception reports to Sundown
               Radio", email, 17.19: Garland Jeffreys - Take me to the Matador, greez to
               France, George Benson - Give Me The Nigh, Helen Shapiro - Walking
               back to Happiness, S6-9, other Dutch on 1657, playing polkas and cd at 17.39,
               17.40: Sundown id in Dutch, Lynn Anderson - Rose Garden
1640      17.06 unid, S3-8, tracks of techno rock, 17.10: Paul Simon - Graceland, 17.23: Zager
               & Evans - In the Year 2525, Cock Robin - The Promise You Made, 17.30: CCR -
               Bad Moon Rising, Fischer Z - So Long, , 17.37: Byrds - Mr. Tambourine Man,
               S6-9, 21.00: Dutch version of "Kiddy Kiddy kiss Me", next songs: "ich komm
               heute Nacht von Pusta zu dir", Blue Diamonds - Ramona, Black Sabbath -
               Paranoid, S7-S9+5, Greek on freq, 21.20: George Thorogood And The
               Destroyers - Bad To The Bone
1615     17.36 Sapporo, S4-6, "Goede avond, dit is radio Sapporo, instr. polka, instr. R&R
6270     17.48 unid, S3-7, Osmonds - Crazy Horses, progressive rock, 17.51 id in the noise:
               "XX van Nederland", cd-ann., greez to Piepzender, cd 17.55
6385      17.55 R. Joey, S4-8, Greek style German songs, at 20.22 on 6380: Guns N´ Roses -
               Anything Goes, disco version of "Aquarius", 20.27 id, Dance 2 Trance - Power
               of American Natives, S6-8
3940      18.16 pres. Pirate Radio Free Waves Bay, S9+10-S9+15, Russian hosting + mx
6950U   18.37 Zenith Classic Rock, S4-7, Sugarloaf - Don't call us We'll call You, 18.40: "The
               best classic rock from the last 40 years - Zenith Classic Rock"
6265      19.18 Radiostanica Russian Hooligans, S4-7, tracks of Russian rock,
               19.29: id, "Send your reception reports to:", email, 19.31-32: beeping ute
               6263 covering, 19.39: Russian national anthem, more Russian rock, 19.52 id:
               радиостанция русских хулиганов = Radiostantsiya Russkikh Khuliganov,
               email in Russian
1625      20.34 unid, S4-6, 1621 Greek splashing, Dutch songs, cd 20.37, on again at 21.05,
               Dutch song "Signorina", waltz songs, polkas, id 21.51 in the splashes
1615      20.38 Quintus, S7-9, 1611 Greek occ. splashing, song. "Adios adios Amor", 20.44:
               pirate radio jingle, 20.45: "Je sind verbonden met de Zender Quintus", phone
               number twice, in Dutch: next record dedicated to the listeners on this
               frequency: Dutch pirate song: "Stand By", Boney M - Going back West, BZN -
               Just an Illusion, Dutch songs
1672      21.15 Tornado (SRB), S6-8, id, Greek style song, id, cd 21.17
1647      21.23 Eigen Risico, S6-8, polkas, e.g. 21.25: "I love You Rosalina"-polka, e.g. 21.52:
               "Hey Baba Reba"-polka, 21.54: greez, id, cd 21.55
6378      21.30 OffShore Music R., S9-S9+15, songs: "I'm crazy about my Baby", "Dream a little
               Dream of Me", "Get together better than ever.. ", 21.36: Offshore Music Radio
               jingle, song: "Only You", Bobby Hebb - Sunny, 21.42: "OSMR- oldies all the
               time", Dusty Springfield - I just don't know what to Do

Friday 2021-10-15

Daytime ionosphere very calm, MDI=0.00-0.01 nT/s, but signals still in deep fading, G1 storm peak at 21 UTC, static crashes from Greece, Turkey

7220      10.09 Offshore Music R., S3-6, id-jingle, Oasis - Wonderwall
1645      18.35 Turfsteker, S4-7, Dutch songs, 18.05 "Goede avond, dit is Radio Turfsteker met
               een test uitzendung", Turfsteker-song, another id 19.07, cd 19.08
4870      19.09 Mystery 21, S7-S9+10, "You're listening to Mystery 21, and here is our email
               address", email
1638      19.27 Kleine Man, S4-8, Elvis - Jailhouse Rock, R&R, 19.35: Jim Reeves - Welcome To
               My World, 19.40: Johnny Cash - Orange Blossom Special, tracks of R&R, e.g.
               19.47: Bobby Darin - Splish Splash, more tracks of R&R, 20.46: "Radio de Kleine
               Man, de Kleine Man Radio"
6985      20.21 The Vault, S2-6, ute 6987-7002, Russian amateurs 6983-85
6940      20.22 Nova, S4-9, instr. progressive rock, 20.27 jingle "Radio Nova", hard rock
The Unids:
6285      14.22 unid, S2-5, song: "Radio Verona", Dutch rock, instr. techno polka, 14.28 freq
               changing between 6285-86, Dutch song "Ding dong ramalama ding dong teenie
               weenie...", 14.31: back to 6285, instr. techno, 14.33: freq changing between
               6285 and 6284, cd, no id
1655      18.35 unid, S5-S9+5, test tones, 18.38: parts of techno rock, cd 18.43, no id
1648      19.22 unid, S4-8, 1650 Greek splashing, , Boney M - Going back West, id 19.44 in the
1641      19.30 unid, S5-9, 1638 splashing, parts of tracks, 19.35-47: carrier only, parts of
               techno mx, 20.33: Harry Chapin - Cats in the Cradle, S7-S9+5
1621      19.37 unid, S4-7, other carrier on freq covering, German songs
1630      19.50 unid, S6-9, 1629 Greek, German waltz songs
1664      20.37 unid, S6-9, cavalcade of disco techno mx

Thursday 2021-10-14

Unsettled ionosphere 15 UTC onwards, G1 storm peak at 17, 18.30 and 19.30 UTC > distorted signals, Greeks dominating, static crashes from central Mediterranean

1670      17.35 Digital, S6-8, Greek on freq, talking to Concorde, cd 17.36-39, thanking
               Concorde for report, id 17.40, song: "Schön ist die Jugendzeit", cd 17.41
1620      17.41 unids, two Dutch on freq, Greek 1621, the other playing German version of
               "Lucky Lipps", then Dutch song, German song: "In Heidelberg verloren", the
               other one playing polkas
1629      19.20 Marskramer, S6-8, Greek on freq occ. covering, , Alan Jackson - Chattahoochee,
               19.27: Dutch version of "Der Mann im Mond", 19.32: After All - If you need Me,
               19.55: Adele - Set Fire to the Rain, 20.05: Boomtown Rats - I don't like
               Mondays, id 20.09
1611      19.26 Barones, S7-S9+5, 1602 R. Center splashing, Maywood - Get Away, song:
               "Memories of Heidelberg", Dutch songs, 19.40: Dutch version of "Lucky Lipps",
               yodel country polka, 19.44 id, "een kleine modulatie test"
1646      19.37 Columbia, S7-9, Who - Won't get fooled Again, Dutch rock, 19.43: BZN - Just an
               Illusion, Fats Domino - Ain't That a Shame, 19.52: Bruce Springsteen - Streets
               of Philadelphia, Doors - Riders on the Storm, 20.29: Stray Cats - Rock This
               Town, 20.33: "Dit is Firma Columbia uit Twente, Station Columbia", email
1620      19.48 unid, S6-8, other carrier 1621, waltz songs, e.g. 19.50: "Maria", polkas, waltzes,
               20.10: Abba - Honey Honey, 20.16: Will Andy - Oh oh what a Kiss, S7-9
1670      19.58 unid, S7-S9+5, parts of tracks, e.g. 20.00: Haddaway - What is Love, tracks of
               techno mx, cd 20.24
1660      20.07 Turfsteker, S5-8, Greek on freq occ. covering, polka song, polka version of
               "Funky Town", id 20.15, 20.26 song: "Oh Alibaba Alibaba"
1638      20.11 Morgenster, S6-8, talking, Dutch songs, polkas, 20.32: id
1611      20.19 Sapporo, S7-S9+5, Greek and RNS on freq, polkas, 20.23 id, march mx, id 20.37,
               greez to Turfsteker and others
3920U   20.48 Gromel, S7-9, Kavinsky - Nightcall, tracks of techno disco, 20.56: Black Veil
               Brides - in the End, 20.59: "говорить радиостанция ГРOMЭЛ, Govorit Radio
               Stantsia Gromel, Gromel, Gromel", Russian rock, 21.05: another id, cd
1647      21.18 unid, s/on, S3-6, waltz songs, 21.25: part of Danny Cardo - Spreek je ook
               hollands, cd
5140      21.28 Charleston R., S5-7, "There is more music on The Big Charleston - Dynamite !"

Wednesday 2021-10-13

Static crashes from central Mediterranean, no particular geomagnetic activity, but MW signals still fading

4835      18.09 Mike R., ute on 4820-50, S9-S9+10, "This is Mike Radio from the Netherlands
               with the golden oldies", 18.13: Keith West - Grocer Jack, Sweet - Blockbuster,
              18.23: "This is a test transmission from Holland, we are closing down", cd 18.28
5140      18.30 Charleston R., S5-7
1640      18.36 B4, S6-9, Boney M - Calimba da Luna, George Baker- Little green Bag, Keith
               Marshall - Only Crying, 18.46 id, greez to David, Alan Jackson - Blue Ridge
               Mountain Song
1611      18.41 Twentana, S6-9, 1602 R. Center splashing, Dutch songs, 18.44: Chicory Tip - Son
               of my Father, id 18.51, greez
1621      19.49 unid, S7-9, Bruno Majcherek - Ja Sie heisst Suzie, German songs, e.g. 19.46:
               "Amore Amore", 19.47 cd, no id, Greek on freq
1656      19.56 Eigen Risico, S4-7, organ tango and waltz, trumpet polka, clarinet waltz, 20.04-
               20.22: Spanish Coastal Service on freq, clarinet polkas, id 20.09, trumpet waltz,
               20.11: thanking David for report: "I'm very happy you can copy me, this is
               station Eigen Risico", trumpet + accordion polka, more instrumental, 20.23:
               greez Monte Carlo, Alf: "This record is for you and your family", "Thank you
               my friends from England and Sweden, I'm a very happy man, I'm many years
               radio amateur", clarinet polkas, S6-8

Tuesday 2021-10-12

G1 storm peaks all day long, strongest at 10, 12, 14, 16, 19 UTC, lacking, weak and distorted signals, static crashes from Turkey

1635      17.22 Admiraal, S5-7, tracks of Hawaii guitar polka, 17.36: "Hello, hello, op 1635
               Zender Admiraal", greez to David: "Attention, greetings from this side, I'm
               happy you can copy me", clarinet polka, cd 17.29
1648      17.44 Dageraad, S3-6, other carrier 1650, waltz song, 17.45: "Hello, hello, hello",
               17.48: "Goede avong, een kort zendung van Dageraad Radio", march song
The Unid's:
1665      16.46 unid, S5-7, tracks of big band mx, cd 16.51, no id
1629      16.58 unid, S3-5, Greek on freq covering, instr. techno mx, 17.05 id in the noise
1611      16.59 unid, S3-6, song: "Kameraden und Freunden", rock, 17.05 id in the noise,
               17.13 song: "Memories of Heidelberg", George Baker- Little green Bag, Dutch
               songs, 17.31: Heintje - Liebe Sonne lach' doch wieder, song: "Lonely River",
               Bruce Springsteen - Janey don't You lose Heart, George Backer Selection - Una
               Paloma Blanca, S4-7, Greek on freq occ. covering
6270      17.07 unid, S2-4, mx in the statics
1625      18.08 unid, s/on, S5-7, accordion polka, Dutch Heintje song: ".. nummer een",
               Steinwolke - Katherine, Katherine, Dutch song, cd 18.17, no id

Monday 2021-10-11

G2-G1 storm peaks at 18.30-20.30 UTC > distorted, fading and weakened signals, static crashes from Sweden, Denmark

6955      17.15 Zeppelin R., S6-8, instr. Jalousie-tango, 17.18: "You're listening to Zeppelin
               Radio, your free music radio on SW", email, instr. "Voyage Voyage", Moonlight
               Sonata 1:st Movement, another id 17.27, instr. "Africa"
6980      17.31 unid, S4-6, Portuguese male singing, English female singing, cd 17.40, sounded
               like Beautiful Music from KCR
5140      17.44 Charleston R., S5-7, song: "The Teddy Bear's Picnic"
1655      17.49 unid, S6-8, Hawaii guitar mx, 17.50: greez to Johan, "Dit is de Pieper ???, goede
               dag", waltz song, 17.51: Raymond Froggatt - Callow la vita, Dutch songs,
               18.04: greez, cd, sounded like VM
1629      17.56 Alabama, S7-S9+5, Beatles - Here comes the Sun, 02: id, greez to Cocorde,
               Dolfijn, Davil, Paul McCartney- Hope of Deliverance
1670      17.58 Twentana, S6-8, song "If You need me why don't You call me", 18.00 song:
               "Monica", Dutch songs, 18.10: greez to Odynn, 18.12 id, cd 19.55
1648      18.05 Pereboom, S6-8, 1650 Greek splashing, greez, "Dit is Radio Pereboom", several
               id's, instr. polka
1655      18.13 unid, S4-7, continuous cavalcade of 50's R&R tracks, e.g. 18.19: Jimmy Dell -
               I've got a Dollar
1645,4   18.27 Oldtimer, S5-7, Little Eva - The Locomotion, Billy Joe Royal - Down in the
               Boondocks, song: "Faniculi Fanicula", Middle Of The Road - Yellow
               Boomerang, Mike Berry with the Outlaws - Tribute to Buddy Holly, 18.50:
               Byrds - Mr. Tambourine Man, 18.55: Carpenters - On the Bayou, Ned Miller -
               From a Jack to a King, S7-9, id 20.34, greez
1638      18.30 Turftrekker, S5-9, German songs, id 18.36, greez, Chris Roberts - Du kannst
               nicht immer 17 sein
1638      20.27 Bluebird, S6-S9+5, id, greez, Dutch version of "Big Bamboo", Westlife - Uptown

Sunday 2021-10-10

6020      07.15 Delta R., S7-S9+5, ett par svenska låtar, 7.20: "We are testing our new
               antenna, so guys, you are listening to Radio Delta", greez to Jim of Devon,
               10.18: "1000 watts of power ERP - this Radio Delta", 10.21: id-jingle,
               Kerstin Ott - Die immer lacht, S5-8
6130      09.26 Casanova, S6-8, cd-polka, greez, cd 9.28
6120      09.29 Ros AM, S5-7, Rolling Stones - Honky Tonk Women, Dutch id-jingle, Thin
               Lizzy - Dancing in the Moonlight, Tom Robinson Band - 2 4 6 8 Motorway
6195      09.36 Blackstone, S5-7, 9.39: id-jingle, 9.44: live id, greez to Misti John, "You're
               tuned into Radio Blackstone", thanking Achim for report, email, Koto -
               Dragon's Legend, 9.49: "Listeners, this was Radio Blackstone", thanking for
               listening, cd-ann., cd 9.51-10.00, techno mx, 10.02: QSO Scotland, 10.04:
               "Radio Scotland bedankt, dit was de Blackstone", techno mx, 10.06: "This is
               Radio Blackstone closing down, everybody have a nice afternoon", cd 10.08
6195      09.52 Scotland, s/on, S8-S9+5, instr. techno mx, 9.54: "Good morning Mr.
               Blacstone, this is Radio Scotland reporting to Blackstone Radio", mx: "The
               Power of American Lady", QSO Casanova, Ros AM, "This is Scotland Radio
               in QSO with Blacstone, I wonder if he can receive this tiny signal", 9.59:
               "This free Radio station is now closing ...", cd, on again 10.09, QSO
               Blackstone, 10.15: greez to Ronalisa, cd 10.17, S7-9                                                                                 

Somewhat disturbed ionosphere 13 UTC onwards, G1 storm peaks at 15 and 20 UTC
6210      14.35 King SW, S4-6, tracks of rock
6270      14.40 Fox 48, S4-6, "Fox is on the airwaves", greez to Germany, tracks of heavy
               rock, 14.49: Iggy Pop - Lust for Life
6950      16.17 Enterprise, 7:th Anniversary Show, S7-9, Status Quo - In the Army Now,
               Steve Miller Bant - The Joker, "This is Enterprise Radio - music from the
               space", email, Scorpions - Wind of Change, Simon and Garfunkel - Sound of
               Silence, "This is Enterprise Radio - the voice from the space", email, Star
               Trek signature talk, SSTV, tracks of Italian rock
3940      18.11 pres. Pirate Radio Free Waves Bay / Radio Pirata, S9-S9+10, Russian rock,
               Paul McCartney - Mrs Vandebilt, Russian talking
4895      18.19 Mike R. S8-S9+5, live id, "We start with a German song:", song: "Gib mir der
               Bandit ...", Kim Wilde - Never trust a Stranger, 18.27: "New antenna system in
               use, all the frequencies are doing well, both SW and MW on the same
               antenna, that's the difference", David Bowie - Heroes, answering to Kevin: "90
               meters antenna wire in the air at the time", Beatles - Day Tripper
1656      18.40 Nachtzwerver, S7-9, Dutch version of "Seemann deine Heimat ist das Meer",
               R&R: "Dat was de laatzte keer ..", Dutch version on "Rhinestone Cowboy",
               Dutch songs, 18.57: "Dit is de Radio Nachtzwerver experimentelle", later
               moved to 1653, cd 19.55-19.59
1665      18.44 Digital, S7-9, Demis Roussos-Rain and Tears, 18.47: thanking for report,
               German song: "Lapaloma adieu", cd 19.34, Serbian appeared on freq
1629      18.53 Turftrekker, S5-7, song: "Zeit von Liebe", Bee Gees - Massachusetts, instr.
               polka, 18.58: "Dit is de Tutftrekker"
1611      18.59 Eigen Risico, S4-6, waltz song, "Dit is de Eigen Risico met een paar platjes"
1636      19.25 unid, S8-S9+10, part of A Balladeer - Swim with Sam, Afrojack & David Guetta -
               Hero, tracks of rock, pauses of carrier only between records, 19.43: Hot
               Chocolate - So You Win Again, cd 19.55, no id
1670      19.30 Digital, S7-S9+5, 1665 Serbians splashing, Neil Diamond - Cracklin Rosie, 19.35:
               German version of "Big in Japan", trumpet polka, song "Seniorita
               Chiquita", Shadows mx, song "Die alte Dampf Eisenbahn", 19.53: Bonanza
               theme mx, 20.01: Oldtimer piano + orchestra id-mx, 20.03: Hank the Knife &
               The Jets - Guitar King, id 20.05, greez
1647      19.41 Witte Tornado, S5-8, polka and country songs, 19.57: Dolly Parton - Here You
               come Again, 20.07: "Monalisa"-waltz, 20.09: "Je sind verbonden met de Witte
               Tornado en De Lady", greez, phone number, waltz song "Oh signorina"